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Getting More Business Reviews Is More Important Than Ever

As a business owner, your reputation sets the ultimate foundation for your company's success. Online reviews are essential establishing trust with future customers.

Getting positive feedback should always be a goal when knowing customer service is your number one priority, as your reviews will reflect that.

With the online digital world at our fingertips, today it is easier for customers to express their experiences with others. Online reviews are today’s word-of-mouth and can play a crucial role in seeing more success in your business.

A common question and road bump is how to get more online reviews.

Asking can be simple.

Sounds simple enough, but often times when you put forth the extra effort, a happy customer would gladly take the time to honor your request. You want the happy customers to become your online advocates and let them speak for your business. They are more willing to do so if you simply ask.

Although, that could be a challenge in itself. Asking customers to leave you feedback could feel a bit direct and informal. An easier and less direct way to ask is to casually hand out a card.

Handing out a review request card to your happy customers allows for a more laid-back way to get a genuine and positive review. This will allow your business to rank higher in the searches.

Make it easy and time efficient.

Giving a customer a card gives them an opportunity and the freedom to leave a review on their own time. When someone takes time out of their busy day to leave a review you want to provide them with a quick easy way to do so.

More people will follow through with the process if it is simple. Try to send people straight to your review links rather than the hassle of having to navigate their way to it.

Reconnect with customers online.

You have a happy customer but now you need to direct them to speak for you through online reviews. Reaching out to a customer that has already purchased your product or service and is willing to do so again makes them a perfect candidate to speak for your business.

This reconnection could also establish a relationship between them and your business, often times leading to a loyal or repeat customer. Star ratings and online reviews are looked at by prospective buyers now more than ever. Do not fall short on this important marketing tactic.

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