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How To Get More Online Reviews For Your Business

Collecting online reviews might be the easiest way to grow your business.

Simply asking, "Will you please leave a review?" often seems too direct. We recommend something less overt. Don't ask, instead invite. Don't call it a review, call it feedback.

Invite is a kinder word than ask. Compared to the word review, feedback is more neutral. Changing the vocabulary is a good start. And, it’s important to note that many customers simply forget so it's important to send them away with a reminder. Customers should never feel an obligation or any pressure to leave a review, however.

By handing out a card that they can use later removes the awkwardness and let's your customer write a review later on, after they have relaxed and enjoyed being at your business.

Data shows that there’s a time and place for asking for reviews – down to what time of day is best to ask.

For example, review response rates jump by almost 20% between 1-3 PM. Probably because people are just getting back to their desks and emails after lunch and aren’t ready to jump into their work yet.

Provide great service. Let them feel at home at your business. Have the owner say a quick hello so they can put a face to the business.

The more they spend at your business, the more they're probably willing to leave a review. If they're already spending a lot, chances are they like you, make sure you hand them a card so they'll remember to review your business later on.

Make sure your Google, Yelp, Facebook and any other reviews sites you use are up to date. Bad data will make people mad. For example if your hours are wrong and they show up when your business is closed.

One you begin to get more reviews, thank them on the review site. Many review sites let you reply to reviews, use it as an opportunity to make another connection and let them know that their review was noticed and appreciated.

Use negative reviews to your advantage. Many negative reviews are ridiculous and readers know that. Don't attack them, those reviews make your business seem genuine. All 5 star reviews screams fake. Simply reply to them professionally so that readers get your side.

Getting more reviews is more important than ever, use them to your advantage. They're usually the first thing a new customer looks up. Many of your customers simply forget to leave a review unless they're very happy or very upset.

At the end of the day, a review is what will make or break a place. As customers will see many different businesses in searches and they all will seem equally amazing, but it’s the reviews at the end of the day that will make the decision for you.

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