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Big companies normally spend a lot of money in their marketing strategies and they don’t always get the results that they expect. Actually, in most of cases they are not even close to the level of their expectations. And that would be okay for a big brand that has an enormous budget just destined to marketing, but small businesses can’t afford that.

Small businesses need every penny invested returned to them in the form of higher sales and more visitors to their business. The internet is a big advantage to achieve those goals because it allows small businesses to take their products or service to every person with access to the web.

I am going to give you some advice to help those brave businessmen that are taking the risk to start a business to compete with the big brands:

  • You need to get your brand known across your potential public. The more they know about yourself, your product and your company, the better. Nowadays, there are different ways to promote anything: social media, websites and reviews are just a few helpful examples of that. All of these options are great ways to reach far more people; you just need to include all the information that people need and want to know.

  • Create a connection with your customers. In these days, social media and business reviews allows companies to have a direct and fast communication with their customers and that is priceless because you can receive publicity and feedback almost immediately. Also, it provides a platform for your clients to ask questions and give their opinions about all kind of things related to your company and if you are smart, you can take advantage of it to quickly and respectfully answer. This makes them feel valued and listened to while you establish a connection with them. Long term, it is very beneficial to your business in the sense that clients will feel important and well-treated.

  • Add value to everything you do. Always try to offer something new; some package or a special offer that can make you stand out over your competitors. These offers or surprises will make an impact on your customers that will lead to good experiences they will want to talk about.
There’s a point that I want to give a special mention to in this article and that is reviews and their importance for small businesses. When people look for a business on the internet and they find a lot of good reviews, they begin to trust in that brand and that increases the possibility that they visit. In the opposite case (bad reviews), that would alienate your business’s customers. People tend to trust in the other customer's opinions because they feel it’s more real. Another advantage is the positioning of your business in Google's search results page because that is a factor that Google considers within its algorithm to select the first options in a search.

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