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Seven Tips For Yelp Success

Marketing your business on Yelp is a smart and simple process that will take only a few hours to complete.

With the growing success of Yelp, more and more businesses are starting to recognize Yelp's importance. Here are some tips for business owners on how to optimize the business opportunities presented by Yelp:

Step 1: Join the club. Browse the Yelp directory for your business listing. If it's already listed, time to create your business profile. If a listing is not found, then it's time to make one. This will help send visitors to your business.

Step 2: Begin Yelping. Set aside an hour a day each week to get used to how Yelp works. Get a feel of Yelp by reviewing a favorite bookstore or coffee shop. Get more perspective by reading other reviews by your fellow Yelpers.

Step 3: Get ready for feedback. After joining Yelp, it is essential that you listen to feedback from customers. Often the loudest customers aren't always right however. The happiest customers are usually the quietest.

Step 4: Create a great profile. The secret to business success on Yelp is to create an interesting profile. Business-people are often too busy to take care of such things, but a few minutes spent on your profile will pay dividends later. Your Yelp profile should be a mirror of your business - keep it vibrant and fun to get more prospects to come your way.

Step 5: Keep in touch with the community. Add reviews and comments for businesses you visit as a customer.

Step 6: Increase customer reviews. The best people who can review your business on Yelp are your customers, so let them know at every opportunity that you're now listed on Yelp and that you'd appreciate their review.

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