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Before Opening Your Restaurant

1. Work in or volunteer in a similar restaurant like the one you want to open. In doing this, you will be able to menu development, restaurant marketing, payroll and many other important elements of the food business.

2. Determine your target market. What type of crowd do you want to cater? Is it teenagers, family or seniors? Determining your target customers before you begin planning will help you organize your menu and will help establish your decor, atmosphere and location of your business.

3. Pick out a food concept and style of service. Generally, your service style can be fast-food, offering fries, burgers, sandwiches and hotdogs; mid-scale offering value-priced full course meals; or upscale, providing high-class ambiance with full service meals with higher prices.

4. Develop your business plan. Again, see the chapter on preparing your business plan but make sure the plan includes:

-> Your restaurants general concept and objective
-> Detailed financial projections and information; your menu and pricing
-> Employee and equipment details

5. Create your menu. Know that your menu can either make or break your restaurant, therefore it must be in conformity with your restaurant's overall concept.

6. Choose your location. Look for a location where there is a continuous flow of traffic, accessible parking, and near or along other businesses.

7. Know restaurant safety regulations. Typically, restaurants are controlled and are subject to inspection. You must know the local regulations and conform to them.

8. Hire your employees. Make certain that your employment announcements specifically declare your specified requirements.

Starting a restaurant business has its challenges and also its rewards. Before starting any business, research first. Make sure you are suited for entrepreneurship as well as recognize that there is significant effort required. Therefore, it is necessary that you enjoy whatever you are venturing into as well as you have confidence in your service or product because it will consume most of your important time, especially when it is still beginning.

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