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How To Get More 5 Star Reviews

Customer reviews are a powerful deciding factor for potential future customers. When deciding where to eat, where to purchase a product or where to go for a service we can easily get referrals from others.

The stars by your business name instantly tell potential new customers your business's reputation. Below are five ways to get more five-star reviews that you're aiming for.

1. Importance Of First Impressions

In business, first impressions are crucial. The customer's or client's first impression can ultimately set the tone for your future business relationship and the entire customer experience. To provide a five-star experience, you must commit yourself from the beginning. From the start, you must ensure potential customers that your business is worthy of a high ranked review.

Customers make an initial assessment within a few minutes of their encounter. Whether their encounter is in-store/in-person, online or over the phone. In-store or in-person great first impressions start with appearance. You want the appearance of your business office or store to present a professional atmosphere by being clean and organized.

Not only is the appearance of your business an important factor, the appearance of yourself should also be professional. Appropriate attire allows the customer to focus on your business rather than being distracted. The next impression the customer takes in is how they are greeted. Standing tall with great posture is a way to express confidence. Poor posture could infer disinterest.

Greet your customers with an inviting smile and if fitting, a firm handshake. When speaking with your customer ensure that you are listening to what they have to say. Keeping eye contact and engaging in conversation lets them know you are interested and attentive. Making them the center of your focus makes them feel special and catered to.

With having the virtual world at our fingertips, many first impressions happen online. Online first impressions involve your business's web-page and social media platforms. It is important to create a well presentable and functional website for your potential customer to appreciate within seconds of viewing your content.

A professional, engaging webpage can mimic a face-to-face connection via the internet. On the phone, first impressions are less common but just as important. Always answer the phone promptly with a professional attitude.

When a call is answered in a timely manner the customer feels like a priority and that their business is important to you. First impressions give you an opportunity to establish a relationship with customers and can provide the foundation for a future five-star experience.

2. Maintain High Standards

As critical as first impressions are for your business, they are only the first step in creating a five-star experience for customers. Your ongoing business performance determines the ultimate success of your business. Customers will be forming assessments about your business throughout initial encounter and visit.

It is important to maintain high standards you set in the beginning and to live up to all the expectations you set. Maintaining the high standards you set, in the beginning, wins over loyal customers. Take pride in providing the best possible customer service. Showing your customers consistent quality assures them that you care about their experience.

3. Check Out Your Competition

Take time to identify your company's competition. Finding a company that sells a similar product or offers a similar service opens you up to what your business may be lacking in. It can provide the framework for your business growth. In this case, research their company reviews and learn what their customers took time to express in their feedback.

Review sites such as Yelp, Better Business Bureau, Google Maps, Facebook reviews and many other websites let you know what customers are saying about your competitor. Pay attention to detail of the customers' words and learn what led them to leave a review.

Another thing to keep in mind when doing your research is to also read the negative comments. When you can find information on others' faults, you can learn how to prevent yourself from making that same mistake instead of repeating it. Take the data that you collected when doing your research and apply it to your business to provide a 5-star experience.

4. Resolve Issues

Another way to create customer loyalty is to go above and beyond expectations in resolving issues. In the business world, you don't have to be flawless and mistake free. Being honest and genuine is most important. Be attentive to your customers' needs and address any issues as soon as they arise.

Addressing issues quickly and effectively assures the customer you care about their experience with your business. By taking accountability and resolving the issue, customers are more inclined to continue their relationship with your business.

5. Aim For The Stars

Once you have built a relationship with a happy, satisfied customer take that opportunity to ask for a review. It is okay to ask openly for a great authentic review. If they agree to, be sure to thank them for their time and inform them on how their review can help your business.

Let the happy customer know that taking their time to leave positive feedback they help future potential customers feel confident in your business. Always shoot for stars! All five of them! But never ask for 5 stars, genuine feedback is the most important thing you can get.

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